Revolt Freedom Passion (Demo)

by Districts

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released October 6, 2010

Songs written by Districts. Recorded by Keith Gentile and Matt Healey at Labyrinth Recordings. Album art by Jonathan Buntin.



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Lessener Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Absurd Walls
I wish that I could create an intricate equation that would answer everything. A proof that me being here has some significance. But I'm bound by these absurd walls. And as much as I try, I'll always fall back down to the concrete. There is no fate, no such luck. I think it's the fucking desperation that's been killing me. I'm bound by these absurd walls.
Track Name: Definitions
I wasn't made perfect in the eyes of some fucking god. It's the little imperfections that make us shine. I find myself like Rousseau when he wrote "I dare to believe that I am not made like any who exist". I'm not an artist because of the paintings I view. I'm not a musician just because of all the hip new bands I listen to. I'm not a poet just because I've read Bukowski's words a few times and found myself living vicariously through them.
Track Name: Static
I awake every morning screaming at a sun that never rises. And in 21 years have yet to find what I need. There is no hope, no future, just a state of anticipation. An endless yearning for something that I'm not even sure is there. I've been down and out for far too long and I just need to feel that fire in the pit of my chest. That fire. Each day is a pathetic forgery of the last. Each smile, each though, a pathetic forgery. I live my life in the biting cold and I'm just praying for a spark. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, life goes on well. But lately I've been wondering if anything really changes.
Track Name: False Crystal Palace
The notion of everything beautiful and sublime makes me sick. If we actually lived in that crystal palace, I'd toss every stone I could find through the front gates. Everyone needs some chaos in their lives. Everyone needs to find ugliness in themselves. I used to believe that I could reach a state of perfection. I used to believe that I could bend the world around me into something more tangible. But perfection is the same as God: a joke that's gone on for too long. Ah well, fuck it. I'm not renewing. I'm going to shatter this false crystal palace.
Track Name: Revolt Freedom Passion
The more you learn, the more depressing everything seems. I've realized that nothing I will ever do will ever mean anything, but I think I'm ok with that.