by Lessener



released December 31, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Ryan Stack at Format Audio
Mastered by Cam Boucher at The Metal Shop
Artwork by Roger King
*lyrics to Gravesend originally written by Josh Wilson
**Jon Buntin played bass on this recording



all rights reserved


Lessener Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Shape Of Heart, Shape Of Human
A reflection of our true selves only proves time and again just how much heart we've invested searching for something more. Our hesitation to love ourselves brought us hatred in the end. Will we learn from the past or will it just kill us in the end? We just needed ourselves. What we're all yearning for, what we've needed all this time was a heart of our own.
Track Name: We've Lost Beauty
Transmission lost. The line’s been severed and I’m left here wondering what could have been true friendship, all working towards something more. In the wake of silence, all the things I wish I’d said. For all the inspiration and the hurt left therein. And sometimes this reminds me to never lose connection. And sometimes this reminds me to just let go, to never ever let you go. It never gets any easier losing you.
Track Name: Our Form Of Closure
Our tendencies to burn bridges won't keep us warm this time. The past was left rotting in our lungs, buried in time. As was our future with faded hands, with faded hearts. I relied on friendly fire to guide my way anywhere but here. I tried to reassemble the pieces of every shattered hope and broken dream and if the warmth between fraying hands shall fade, so must the memories of every better day. I'll scream these words of hearth and home, of hurt and distance. Forever longing. Jag saknar dig när det är som kallast. I just wanted to bridge the gaps between the traces we left in the sand and the lines in the palms of our hands. It was all to make you feel less alone.
Track Name: Sycamore
Time passes like the sound of midnight trains. Our dormant days stagnate and fade. Hinged but hanging as memories drift. Distant homes and far off friends blur together once again. Holding my breath, waiting for us to reach the end of all things to come. Holding onto those final days, reminiscent of all things that come and go. Memories are just the same as ghosts.